Set against the verdant mountain range that inspired the country’s name, the Freetown peninsula offers plenty of opportunities for seaside lounging, beach combing and wildlife spotting, while traditional arts and customs can still be observed in the inland villages. Tourism here is raw and very much in its infancy. But as far as real life experiences go, it’s one that can’t easily be beaten. Long absent from the tourist map on account of the civil war during the 1990s, Sierra Leone is now slowly coaxing travellers back with its lush jungles, palm-fringed coastlines and resilient people.

Excursions Overview

Banana Island

Banana Island one of Sierra Leone’s most popular...
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A must- do guided day trip or overnight stay...
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Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary 3 days

Looking to get away for a long weekend?...
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Tacugama Eco Lodge 3 Days

May be you have thought about it but never...
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Rogbonko Village Retreat - 3 days

Embark on a journey Northbound to Rogbonko...
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About Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a country of dense tropical rainforest, mangrove swamps and gorgeous beaches. It boasts a variety of natural resources, and is famous for its healthy reserve of diamonds. Agricultural exports include coffee, cocoa, ginger and palm kernels. It Borders the North Atlantic Ocean between Guinea and Liberia.

Sierra Leone was a British colony to which freed slaves returned in the late 1700’s. After Independence in 1961, today Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic and considered safe if not economically prosperous. The demographics of Sierra Leone are made up of an indigenous population from 18 ethnic groups. The Temnes in the north and the Mende in the South are the largest. About 60,000 are Krio, the descendants of freed slaves who returned to Sierra Leone from Great Britain, North and South America. In addition, Sierra Leone is home to about 5,000 Lebanese 1000 Indians and 5,000 Europeans.

Flight information

Flights to Sierra Leone include: Gambia Bird, British Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Air Maroc & Asky.