4WD Adventure

4WD ADVENTURE - From €62.00

Experience the REAL Gambia on a day of adventure with unscheduled stops to observe the varieties of chattering and many exotic colourful birds. Visit some of the villages and a school, experience the hospitality and meet the inhabitants of ‘The Smiling Coast’! A BBQ lunch on an unspoilt beach with a chance to swim and sunbathe can’t be beaten! Last stop is a visit to the Tanji Nature Museum that displays aspects of The Gambian Culture.

Hinterland Special


This excursion takes you away from the normal tourist resort into the traditional settlements of the country side on the south bank of The River Gambia. Stop to view the production of local arts like tie/dye making, salt processing, pottery, soap making also learn about the harvesting of oysters and the various stages of honey making. We then continue to riverside lodge for our three course lunch, relax before proceeding on a boat trip along the river. We will re-join the truck and make our way back to the hotels with a stop at the Brikama craft market (one of the oldest in The Gambia) with some time for shopping.

Makasutu by day

MAKASUTU BY DAY - From €68.00

Makasutu, a nature lovers’ paradise!

Enjoy a walk through the palm forest along with a cruise on a tributary of The River Gambia (Mandina Bolong). Imagine 100 vultures gathered together for their morning breakfast! Look out for Kingfishers, Lily-trotters, the West African River Eagle, and the Black and Goliath Herons on the waterside. As well as the birds, you are likely to see the Red Colobus and Green Velvet Monkeys, Monitor Lizards, Pygmy Deer, Mongoose and watch in awe as the Baboons get giddy. A Gambian buffet lunch and display of Jola Cultural dancing tops off the day!

Wake up with the birds


Paddling up the creeks of the river in your canoes, you will catch the rising dawn and fascinating awakening of the birds. Some 200 or more different species inhabit this area, making it a wonderful chorus to experience. Enjoy the walk through the rice fields to realize what the Gambian Aviary has to offer! The early bird catches the worm! So don’t miss this incredible experience!

South Gambia Experience


We start off with a visit to the SIFFOE FARM where we learn about the local Beehive industry and their honey making. We then proceed through the Savannah, towards the border with Senegal. We arrive at Gunjur where we will visit a local medical centre servicing the surrounding villages. The proceed to embark on a traditional West African river craft waiting to take us for a cruise around various inlets and islands of the ALLAHEIN RIVER. After approximately 45 minutes of cruising in and out of Senegal we disembark at KARTONG and proceed for lunch and relaxation. On our return journey we stop to visit the only REPTILE FARM in The Gambia. A highlight not to be missed!

Lazy Day Cruise

LAZY DAY CRUISE - From €65.00

 A day of complete relaxation on board a spacious Gambian River Craft, you will be cruising from Oyster Creek, along the sheltered meandering tributaries of the River Gambia. A delicious buffet lunch is preceded by the opportunity for a refreshing swim. Relax and recoup with our fabulous lazzzzy day.


ROOTS - From €82.00

Cruise from Banjul port back in time 200years to the ancient slave trading station of Albreda, famed for the belief that it gave freedom to any slave who touched the flagpole after escaping from nearby St James Island.

A visit to the Museum of Slavery gives a good insight into what slavery was all about in The Gambia. Enjoy a short walk to the village of Juffureh where the slave Kunta Kinteh famed in the Roots epic is alleged to hail from. Re-board the boat & the journey continues to St James Island (Kunta Kinte), steeped in slave trade history. A great day and certainly a must when in The Gambia!

Abuko Nature Reserve


Set in 180 acres of bush, the reserve is a Jungle in the middle of a savannah! This is a birder’s paradise with over 250 species. Walking through the reserve animals you may see include monkeys, antelopes, monitor lizards along with the conservation projects where there are Hyenas and Baboons.

Circle of Life

CIRCLE OF LIFE - From €109.00

Giraffes, Rhinos, Mere-cats, Antelopes, Zebras and Wart Hogs to name but a few… However don’t forget your passports on an unforgettable tour through the fantastic countries of Africa. The journey starts through the Northern side of The Gambia before crossing the border into neighbouring Senegal. You will be welcomed by the Ranger into the Fathala Nature Reserve, to follow the animal tracks in an open sided truck to give you the best views and spot the African Wildlife species that roam the 2000 acres of natural environment. Cameras at the ready to capture a part of Africa that you will remember forever!

Creek Fishing

CREEK FISHING - From €63.00

Starting out from your hotel in the morning, you will be taken to Denton Bridge to board your boat. Spend the day trolling to catch Barracuda or bottom fishing to catch Captain fish, Red snapper, Grouper, Cassava, Stingray, Guitarfish and many, many more that can be a likely catch of the day. Let’s see if it’s more than a fisherman’s tale you bring back!!!


JANJANGBUREH - From €163.00 Per Person

Let us show you that “The Gambia is not just beaches”. Join us on this amazing 2days adventure up River taking in cultural, historical, and nature’s wonders, such as Chimpanzees, Hippos, Baboons and much more. This worthwhile journey takes us to Georgetown, now known as JANJANGBUREH. En route we stop at Wassu to explore the area of the mysterious stone circles recognized by UNESCO in their World Heritage Site list. As we pass through the River Gambia National Park on your river cruise, sightings may include hippos, monkeys, crocodiles and baboons. We can slow down in this area to possibly spot Chimpanzees. During the return journey there will be a stop at a weekly local market (Lumo), here you will find a colourful display of products from live stock to clothes and food. This is without a doubt a trip of a life time.

City Tour

CITY TOUR - From €34.00

Half day trip Visiting the City of Banjul, the National museum, Albert Market and viewing the mixture of architecture and Mosques in this bustling capital. Then we head off to Serekunda ( which means 'the home of the Sere family) market which , is the largest town packed with local shops, merchants, craft sellers, street peddlers from all over West Africa and some Arab countries. Here you will see the batik tie and dye in action with an opportunity to buy some souvenirs, wood carvings or jewellery. Next stop the Katchikally Crocodile pool in Bakau with its 100 or so resident crocodiles; stroll around with your guide and for those that dare you can touch one. Visit the museum and learn some of The Gambia’s history and about some of the various tribes.

African Cultural Evening


African high life exposes you to the local night life away from the hotels hustle and bustle where you can learn about the Gambian culture and traditions in a beautiful theatre setting. The new Ebujan Theatre is where The Gambia’s talent is groomed; here you will experience a traditional play that would give you an insight into the local customs, cultures and traditions of the West African Region. Settle down to the evening’s performance in the garden or theatre hall before a break for finger foods, followed by drumming and dancing during which you will invited to take part in a real African dance ( PLEASE HAVE YOUR DANCING SHOES ON ).

The upper part of West Africa shows that it belongs to two worlds. Rich in culture and history and known for its mild climate, attractive beaches and beautiful accommodation. Beach holidays in Senegal are often complimented with wildlife and nature tours of areas like the Sine-Saloum Delta and Lac Rose (Pink Lake). The capital city of Dakar is modern and well-versed in French culture where as the Casamance region is green and authentic. The Niokolo-koba National Park: the jewel of the whole area is rich in animals and is the home of Bassaris whose culture has fired up famous ethnologists with rich passion. Spend a day at Goree Island one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites and experience the slave history and stand at the Gate Of No Return.