Rhythms of SeneGambia

Immerse yourself into the beauty and enchantment of both Senegal and The Gambia. Explore rich historical Slavery sites, monumental mosques and impressive nature reserves and wildlife. Cruise along the Gambian river to Juffureh (Roots) and Visit Goree Island, also known as ‘the door of no return’ in Dakar. Swim in the famous Pink Lake and ride in a horse drawn carriage in St Louis to complete this unique Cultural journey.

Magnificent Cultural Journey of Mali

Be introduced to Mali’s magnificent ethnic diversity, history and exuberant styles with a visit to the National Museum in Bamako. Marvel at the Grand Mosque in Djenne, cruise along the Niger River and be fascinated by dwellings in Dogon. Explore the ancient houses in Timbuktu and visit Segou the former capital of the Bambara kingdom. To end your cultural journey, photograph the amazing wildlife and shop for souvenirs to complete this trip of a life time.  

A Cultural Taste of Ghana

Ghana welcomes you to its haven that combines charms and great historical heritage.

Be astounded in Accra by the makers of unique fantasy coffins at the casket making shops and observe the craftsmen in Ashanti villages. Visit the Kakum National Park, and dare to experience the walk on the canopy suspended 100 feet from the ground for a panoramic view of the flora and fauna.  Experience the rich Asante culture at the Manhiyia palace the official residence of the Asante king. Sip palm wine in Kumasi and enjoy shopping at it’s the biggest open air market to mark the end of this dream tour.

A Taste of Gambia

For starters orientate yourself with our City Tour beginning in the capital, with visits to the museum, local markets and the famous Katchikally crocodile pool. For the main course of your holiday, enjoy a 4 wheel drive adventure and then back in time to discover the Roots tour about the slave history, walk around Juffureh village before sailing over to James Island, spotting dolphins along the way.

Then enjoy the sweeter side of your trip with relaxing days on the beach, topped off with a Lazy day Cruise on the river Gambia.

Cultural Exploration in Sierra Leone

Explore colonial heritage at the old slave fort on Bunce Island, meander through the vibrant capital Freetown, visit a chimp sanctuary to meet our closest relatives and then look for them in the wild at lovely Tiwai Island. Relax on the charmingly isolated Banana Islands, and visit friendly fishing villages to gain a glimpse of local traditions. Sierra Leone deserves more attention so enjoy being one of the first to make it back to this fantastic corner of the continent.

Discover Ivory Coast

The culture of Ivory Coast is diverse with sixty different indigenous ethnic group divided into the cultural regions of the East Atlantic, West Atlantic, Voltaic and Mande. Experience real Africa in the Northeast, and discover a unique native people, the Lobi, an unspoilt landscape in Cameo National Park, a dream for safari aficianados. Here you will find roaming free; lions, panthers, hippos, buffalos and more. While Ivory Coast has a varied culture and wildlife, the beaches are no less enchanting, the crafts, gifts and souvenirs are unbelievably priced, if you will bargain and be patient.

Photography and Art: Ghana

Hogbetsotso Festival is a festival of the people of Anlo in the Volta Region of Ghana. The theme behind this festival is to mark their journey from their former home in Togo, to their present settlement in Ghana, photograph this festival in motion, so you do not forget what a fantastic vision it is. Another photo shoot opportunity is the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary; a community protected area is located at the extreme north-western corner of the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Photography and Art: The Gambia and Senegal

The Gambia and Senegal make wonderful photography destinations because of the bustling markets full of textiles and folk art, remote indigenous villages, unusual birds and wildlife, interesting archeological sites, pretty colonial architecture, and the fishing villages along the river. Make sure you have sufficient film to cover all the fascinating sights to see.

Burkina Faso’s  Ouagadougou’s main attractions

The Ethnography Museum, the National Museum, the Snake Museum and the Moro-Naba Palace are just some of the photographic hotspots you may even get the chance to record the  interesting Moro-Naba ceremony, with traditional costumes and drums.