In The Gambia

We offer a range of fishing options in The Gambia, from beach casting to creek fishing and for the more adventurous sport fishing, all provide the opportunity for 'big catches' of several varieties.

Bring your daydream alive with Blue Marlin fishing in Ghana in Ado Foah and Takoradi catches include Yellow Fin, Big eye Tuna and much more. Game fishing is the ultimate true African experience on a catch, photograph and release basis recording memories of your fisherman's tales.

Fishing in Senegal is fantastic for enthusiast and those with just a casual interest. Deep sea fishing can be arranged in Saly and a more relaxed fishing along the rivers, mangroves and creeks of Sine Saloum Delta, whichever one you go for you are sure to hook plenty.

In Sierra Leone

The Bonthe Holiday Village in Serra Leone offers great opportunities for big game fishing. Bonthe is a remote, attractive, old town on a large island off southern Sierra Leone. In colonial times it used to be a major trading centre for piassava and other agricultural products. Besides fishing and excellent opportunities for bird watching, this is a town with a lot of character.Record fish have been caught with live bait in the estuary, but there is also the possibility of fly fishing in the tarpon breeding grounds. Other fishing (trolling for barracuda, grouper, jack, etc) is available all the year round.

In Cote D'Ivoire

Ivory Coast boasts some of the best blue marlin fishing in the eastern Atlantic, especially during the two peak seasons of November/ December (descending migration) and March/April (ascending migration). It is one of the few spots where one can rely on two distinct annual blue marlin migrations, but depending on a combination of such factors such as wind, current, and water temperature changes both migrations could be year-round events.

In Benin

Lately, in Benin it seems that fishing is a popular way to attract you the tourist. It's possible to go out and fish off the coast, where an array of fish awaits your live bait. It was actually the Ghanaian fisherman you see that brought deep-sea fishing to the Beninese. West African Tours ensures we have the right permits so you can venture off to fish some of the inland waters with a tour group or alone with guide. Lake Nokoue lies in southern Benin, and though not very big, offers some nice fishing venues we can take you to.