In Togo

Togo might not be the first destination that comes to mind when thinking of a trekking trip, however its remote villages in the Atakora Mountains offer a very unique mix of culture and trekking in a truly remote and little visited part of the world. Walking from village to village, the journey through this otherworldly landscape is a remarkable experience, which captured the imagination of Le Corbusier who defined the dwellings as “sculptural architecture”.

The trek to summit Afadjato, the highest mountain in Ghana (885m) is a steep climb through lush vegetation and sacred waterfalls. Wildlife sightings are also possible and from the summit views of Lake Volta, the rolling hills and surrounding villages can be enjoyed as well as views over the neighbouring mountains in Togo. Also in Tafi Atome, situated in the Volta region, it is possible to take a walk accompanied by local trackers in search of the Mona monkeys, once considered sacred and today protected by a project that successfully supports the local communities whilst ensuring the conservation of this species.

In Benin

Benin’s variable landscape with beaches, bays, savanna, rivers, jungles, low hills and mountains is good for hiking. We can take you trekking in Benin for in Pendjari National Park, which is rich in wildlife and birds. We offer guided walking tours in the national park, with our local guide who is familiar with the area we use for hiking.

In Senegal

The Trek is a new way to discover Senegal because very few practiced it before. The large number of small straw villages in the cross rides promotes true and sincere encountering especially as indigenous never sees European trekkers. Our Senegal trekking tour will take you through a unique experience into amazing landscapes of beauty well far away from our reference marks and beyond time. We will travel first through Senegal along the Big Atlantic Coast towards the desert of Lompoul with its magnificent background of 40 to 50 meter-high hills. From Lompoul we will go to the Eastern part of the country where we will visit the Nikolo Koba Park, an important animal and plant biodiversity sanctuary for starters.    

In Sierra Leone                     

Let us take you along a footpath through a tropical rain forest in Sierra Leone that is like an art gallery of mighty trees of enormous dimensions, lianas and ferns. From time to time a clearing opens up, in which manioc, peanuts and beans have been planted. For serious trekkers come and stand on the roof of West Africa, the summit of Bintumani seeing chimpanzees along the way.